Saturday, March 25, 2017

Deal Beach Clean 2nd April

The next Deal Beach Clean is on Sunday 2nd April at 9:30am meeting at Deal Pier. 

This clean is part of our series for the Marine Conservation Society where we log the litter we find on the beach.

All pickers, gloves, bags supplied and the clean will last about an hour to hour & half.

All Welcome

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Deal Beach Clean - Sunday 2nd April

We have our next Deal Beach Clean on Sunday 2nd April at 9:30am meeting at Deal Pier. 

This clean will be one of Marine Conservation Society cleans where we log what we find on the beach. For full details on the MCS work please see their website here

Pickers, Bags and Gloves all provided

Deal Seedy Saturday 18th March

Thank you to everyone who came to our Deal Seedy Saturday Seed & Plant Swap yesterday - Especially grateful to all those who donated plants and seeds. 

Many seeds taken with some going to some first time growers - please tell us how you get on :)

The stalls from Deal Town team for SE in Bloom and Deal Hop Farm had a busy day

Thanks to our DWI volunteers and big thanks to our wonderful entertainment from the Landmark Uke Club (which meets on Friday's at the Landmark Centre 10-12 cost £1)

Our next Seedy will be in May/June date TBC

Our Photos are here

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Victoria Park Clean Saturday 18th March 2pm

We are organising our first Park Clean at Victoria Park meeting at the Mill Rd Car Park end at 2pm

Pickers, gloves and bags provided - clean will last just over an hour

Part of #GBSpringClean a national series of events sorting out litter in the country

Monday, March 13, 2017

Deal Seedy Saturday 18th March 10:30am

Our next Seedy Saturday will be on Saturday 18th March at 10:30-12:30pm at the Landmark Garden, High St Deal.

Please bring seeds to swap or donate (ideally seeds should be about a year old with a description of what they are :)

We will also have the Deal Town SE in Bloom on hand to tell us about this year's competition and how the community can get involved.

The Deal Hop Farm will be there with their last remaining hops looking for a loving Deal home

Gus will be there offering a garden tool sharpening service for a small donation.

Entertainment will be provided by the Landmark Ukulele Club

Monday, March 6, 2017

Deal Hop Farm - Last orders please!

Deal Hop Farm - Last orders please! 

(always wanted to say that)

We have 45 hops to distribute to paid members + 7 ones where we have requests but not paid.

We have checked the stock there are about 5 which we have to put into our intensive care nursery (ok a large DDC Recycling box with lots of compost) to check that they are Ok but we will hold these back for a couple of weeks.

This means that we will get a few more in at the end of this week ( which means placing the order by noon Tuesday).

We have had a couple of you ask for extras at the larger sites - so if you want a few more or if you know someone who wants to join please email me at before 12 Tuesday.

Final distribution is this Friday and Saturday (10/11th March) 10:30am to 12:30 at the Landmark Garden Deal High Street (please bring a bag with you)

If you have contacted me today or received an email today you are included.

Next Deal Seedy Saturday 18th March 2017

We have our next Seedy Saturday at the Landmark Garden Deal High St on Sat 18th at 10:30am

Please bring your seeds to swap/donate - all welcome

We will have colleagues from Deal's SE in Bloom team, A Garden tool sharpening service, some music from the Landmark Uke Club

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Walmer Beach Clean 5th March - Thank you

We had our postponed Walmer Beach Clean this afternoon at 1pm between the showers! 

We managed to collect over 28kgs in a little over an hour.

A big thank you to all our volunteers and special mention to all those souls who turned up to the published time of 9:30am in the middle of horizontal rain and 45mph gusts!

It was not safe to do the clean then but shows how community minded people are in Deal, that they are prepared to give it a go!

Thank you to the Sea Cafe for supporting us today!

We have our first Park Clean on Saturday 18th March at 2pm at Victoria Park (meet at Mill Rd Car park end) and our next beach clean will be a full Marine Conservation Society one at Deal Pier on Sunday 2nd April 9:30am.

Sunday 5th March Beach Clean - Weather Warning

Walmer Beach Clean: Weather Forecast is not looking good for 9:30 Heavy rain & high winds. 

The Beach Clean has been postponed to 1pm today

 meet at the Sea Cafe

Friday, March 3, 2017

Martha Trust Joins Deal Hop Farm

We have had an amazing response with over 100 gardens, allotment holders, community gardens and spaces joining the Deal Hop Farm in a little over four weeks. People just love the idea of community grown beer!

We are especially pleased to welcome the Martha Trust to the project. The key aspect of our project has been to bring the entire community together in a common enterprise and to reflect one of Deal’s great strengths; its diversity.

We will be distributing hop plants to our members at the Landmark Garden on Fridays and Saturdays between 10:30 to 12:30 (starting on 3rd March and finishing on the 11th March.)

We will be organising a number s of talks and workshops on the history of hops & beer making, tips for growing your hops and planning for harvest in September and ‘Deal Oktoberfest’ where we will get to taste the fruit of our labours.

We need to get plants into the ground in the next few weeks but we will be opening our doors for new members later in the autumn.”

George White, Chief Executive of the Martha Trust Said
“ It is fantastic for Martha Trust to be involved in local community projects such as the one with Deal With It.

The growing of Hops is a great opportunity for the residents to get outside in the fresh air, plant the hop and monitor the progress as it grows.

I have a feeling we will also have a number of volunteers to assist in drinking the proceeds in the fullness of time!

Thank you to Deal With It for involving Martha in this great community project”

Let's give Deal a Spring Clean

Deal With It has organised two local events to support the brand new Great British Spring Clean which roll out for the first time in 2017, with a view to it becoming an annual event helping to bring people together and clean up the country.

TV wildlife presenter and children’s favourite Steve Backshall is lending his support to the campaign, which is backed by the key anti-litter charities including Keep Britain Tidy, Keep Wales Tidy and Marine Conservation Society.

We see this as great opportunity for us to have a community response to litter in the town. Our hope is broaden the involvement of other community groups and individuals as well hitting all those litter ‘grot spots’ in the town.’

The group has one of its community beach cleans this Sunday 5th March on Walmer Beach starting at 9:30am meeting at the Sea Café on the Green.

On Saturday 18th March at 2pm the group will be organising a ‘Park Clean’ of Victoria Park. Meet at the Mill Rd Car Park end of the Park.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Victoria's Green Matters - 2nd March 2017

Deal With IT's Secretary Victoria Nicholls writes a regular column on Green Issues for us:
Those of you who saw the recent article about the lack of snow in the Alps over this winter will take this as an illustration of the effects of climate change so close to us, just across the water. This is a very real problem for the ski resorts that rely on the winter season to make their living. The French Alps are beautiful at any time of the year, the lower slopes being home to beautiful green pastures carpeted with wild flowers in the summer but with a very different beauty in the winter, usually all covered with snow. But not this winter. Add to this the terrible storms and flooding in the North of England of Christmas 2015 and climate change is very real indeed.

In contrast, it was good to read that electricity generated by renewable energy made up nearly nine-tenths of the power that was added to European electricity grids last year. There was 24.5 GW of capacity built across Europe last year, 86% of which came from wind, solar, biomass and hydro, beating the 2014 record of 79%. For the first time, wind power has overtaken coal to become the EU’s second largest form of power generation after gas.

While this is very much good news for the present; for the long term only seven of the 28 EU countries have clear policies for the years beyond 2020. There seems to be less policy and political ambition for renewables than there was five or even three years ago.

The amount of wind power capacity installed in Europe is 153.7GW but this is a relatively small fraction of the area’s 918.8GW of total power capacity. The industry needs to grow to fill the gap created as governments force the closure of old coal plants to meet climate change goals. The UK has committed to do this by 2025.

There obviously needs to be far more support from governments to help renewable generation if we are to meet the targets set by the Paris agreement. The removal of subsidies for coal production must happen if we are to clean up our act and there must be no encouragement of new open cast coal or fracking in this country.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mass Cauli Glean nr Canterbury Weds 8th March

Cauli gosh! We’ve just discovered ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND CAULIFLOWERS going to waste on a farm in Kent!

We’re going on an epic mission to save as many as possible of that tasty caulis from going to waste for charity, and we NEED YOUR HELP. The more people we have, the more we can save!

We’re going gleaning next Wednesday 8th March, near Canterbury in Kent. We’re inviting volunteers to the farm to help save those tasty brassica for the fantastic food poverty charities CFE and FareShare. Witness the colossal waste first-hand, and have a great social day out for a fantastic cause.

The caulis are being wasted because unusually warm weather has led to a glut of cauliflowers around the UK, and supermarkets aren't responding by stocking enough extra. We've just been in a lettuce shortage - so why not switch to cauliflower?

We cover travel expenses from Canterbury, Ashford and nearby – just check with us first. We will aim to run this glean between 10am-4pm (TBC)

To join the appealing cauli glean, sign up here:

You will then be sent more info on the gleaning day, closer to the time. For more info, please contact
If you can't join us for this glean, please do sign up to our gleaning list - we're gleaning all round the UK, and we'll let you know when gleaning days are coming up near you:‪

‪Gleaning Network is part of From Farm to Fork. Run jointly by Feedback and FoodCycle, From Farm to Fork will train more than 4,000 young people to reclaim surplus food through gleaning and then cook this food for vulnerable people.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Deal Hop Farm - Rhizome Pick ups

Tea break at Ripple Steam planting
The purpose of this post is to let Deal Hop Farm members know of the arrangements to pick up the Hop Rhizome that has been ordered.

(For information only if you have picked yours up already)

We have been a little overwhelmed by the response we have had locally - We have well over 100 sites and looks like we will plant about 220 plants!

This includes a fantastic diversity of sites with clusters of growers on all the allotments locally, Walmer Castle Kitchen Garden, Ripple Steam Brewery, Martha Trust, Rippledown Centre, Pines Calyx Garden, One pre-school group, Just Reproach, Lighthouse, Community gardens at the Landmark and Deal Station, people sharing gardens, others sponsoring them at the community spaces plus many, many gardens around the Town

You can see what the Deal Hop Farm looks like at our Google Map
Residents and Staff involved in Deal Hop Farm at Martha Trust

Pickups will be at the Landmark Garden (High Street Deal)

- Friday 3rd March 11-1.30pm
- Saturday 4th March 10:30 -12:30
- Friday 10th March 11-1.30pm
- Saturday 11th March 10:30-12.30

It would be very helpful if when collecting this you could bring a couple of plastic bags or a container

If this does not work for anyone let us know and will sort out another means

Stuff you should be doing Now:
1) Decide on Location for your Hop - remember they need lots of Sun & free draining soil + if you are planting more than one they need 3ft between the plants

2) Think about how or what it is to grow up

3) If planting in the ground start to prepare the ground - you may need some good compost (like John Innes No3 or similar)/Well rotted Farmyard manure/or home produced compost

4) If planting in Container - remember the bigger the better. Min of 40ltrs (At the Landmark Garden we are looking at recycling some old plastic dust bins - they hold about 100ltrs) and source new compost/manure .Remember to get some old crockery/broken pots/stones at the bottom + ensure that the bottom have good drainage holes. Don't use a pot saucer as the Hop roots do not like wet feet.

5) Please read the enclosed planting instructions - The Rhizomes are planted vertically with the crown at the top

6) have a look at the Grow Beer planting Video

7) Ideally we need to get the hops planted by mid-March

8) Take some before and after photos

9) Relax and have a beer

Launch meeting at the Lighthouse
When you pick up your Hop Rhizome, we will give you, per plant:
- Some gravel (optional: especially useful if you are using a container or have a heavy soil)
- Compost mix to put around the Rhizome (farmyard/chicken/seaweed manure) 1-2ltrs
- 5m of Hop Twine
- 1 Prima Donna Rhizome

We have plenty of Hop Twine - so if you need more you are welcome to it for a small donation (we will have it available at all the meetings in April and at Deal With iT events in the Landmark Garden)

We also have a small stock of proper Hop Pegs which the farmers use for £2 . You don't necessarily need one of these (especially if you are planting in a container) as a tent peg or similar will do

We are putting all documents on the Facebook Group DealHopFarm as well at the page on the DealWithIt website.

Please post your photos or send them to us at

We are in the process to setting up the first social/talk at the end of the month - we will put out a separate email  in about a week's time

Any problems, questions (hop related please :) drop me a line here, on facebook or give us a ring - we are here to help!

Best Wishes and thank you for your support for making the Deal Hop Farm a great success

Steve Wakeford
Project Co-ordinator
01304 372673